28 Day Total Food Transformation Program!



"I have lost 36 lbs and am down to a size 10 from a 16/18. I FEEL AMAZING and am so grateful to you." - Dechelle Damien

The next 28 Day Total Food Transformation starts January 12th 2017! Scroll down for the all the details of the schedule!


This gentle detox program is designed to flush excess toxins from your system, and help you feel healthy, empowered and look amazing. But MORE THAN THAT--I am going to hold your hand and help you figure out what works best for YOU. What works best for YOU is where the real change occurs. Because what may work for one person may not work for you at all! THEREIN LIES THE MAGIC!

Enough of the media bombardment around food! Enough of the food craziness out there! 


This is a whole-foods based cleanse. You won't be hungry. There are tons of recipes that are delicious and easy to make–that support your system in detoxing! It is gentle and effective.  I walk you through the whole process…it is all laid out for you and you won’t go hungry.


Weight Loss • Elimination of “brain fog” • Increased energy • Glowing skin • Enhanced digestive function • Improved sinus congestion or allergies • Alleviation of joint pain or headaches • Balanced moods and better sleep •  Alleviation from chronic gas and bloating • Feeling younger and looking better •  Preparation for healthy pregnancy

And the best part is that by the end of this program you will KNOW what foods nourish YOU. This is so empowering because you can then tune out the “media noise” around “what to eat, when to eat, eat this, don’t eat that, etc.”  It is maddening! Return to your roots and reconnect with your body wisdom. You will feel centered, calm, in control and empowered.

What is it?

The 28 Day Total Food Transformation is a powerful program using real food that rids you of your symptoms and leaves you feeling energized, clear minded and focused! It takes you step by step through a proven program that teaches you exactly what foods YOUR body needs in order to LOOK and FEEL its best. 

You will learn to:

Identify the foods that are causing you problems (like bloat, foggy brain, skin issues, low energy and so much more)

Eliminate the crazy cravings you have for sugary foods and other stimulants! (You already know you don't want to be eating these things anyway.)

Easily create delicious food that SUPPORTS instead of DEPLETES you so that you can be living the amazing life you want to be living. (I also teach you how to eat out in ways to support you!)

Create a Personalized Roadmap to eat in a way that is unique to YOU in order to feel your best.


How and why did I create this program?

When I started working with private clients 5 years ago, the main reason people were coming to be is because they didn’t know how to feed themselves. They knew how to eat, of course. But they didn’t really know WHAT to eat in order to FEEL GREAT and LOOK GREAT and have more energy and clear skin and no more migraines…you get the picture.

But I wasn’t surprised. I knew that even educated nutritionists can feel overwhelmed by all the information that is out there on how and what to eat.


“Thank you for doing this, Elijah. It was a life changing experience. xoxo” – Misty Mulhall


I get it. I was overwhelmed, too. I couldn’t lose weight. I struggled with anxiety and depression. I would have an energy crash every afternoon…I started to have STRESS around WHAT I WAS GOING TO EAT every day!

I FIGURED IT OUT. Trust me. It doesn’t have to be hard or complicated to EAT RIGHT for YOUR BODY so that you: 

  • And so much more!!!


“I’ve also been very surprised by how easily I am waking up the last few weeks! I used to smack the snooze in a semi-conscious state several times before dragging myself out of bed. Now I’m awake before my alarm, well rested and ready for the day!” – Autumn Erickson




In this program, I’ll be teaching you everything you need to know about how to feed your body the foods that truly make it thrive so that you will truly look and FEEL your BEST! AND--you will be able to keep your results! 

You’ll learn all the key tips that I teach my personal clients in just 4 weeks so that you’ll be on track to see lasting results! You'll learn powerful nutrition information, create meaningful new habits around your health and we will also work on some powerful mindset shifts that will forever change your life!


I know first hand how food affects our lives–minds, bodies and spirits. If we are truly nourishing our bodies, our lives take on a different glow and become VIBRANT.


This program helps you get that glow. Price: $147.   

Why only $147? Because I want EVERYONE to experience the healing benefits of this program. Period. I am charging a price that I believe enables most people to participate in this extraordinary and powerful program for HEALTH. I hope you join me.  


Each week you receive delicious and easy recipes, a shopping list and additional nutritional information to inform and empower you!

You will also be part of an amazing Facebook Group that is totally private and incredibly supportive. Without fail, every participant that goes through the VIBRANT LIVING program tells me that the Facebook Group made the biggest difference in their success. You’ll be amazed by the love and support provided. And I’m on the group all the time, answering all your questions and being your cheerleader! 

Here are what people are saying about the VIBRANT LIVING program:

“This is 100% up there with the best money I have ever spent.” – Gillian R., New York, NY

“I am now eating for my body. I think about everything I put in my mouth. I read every label. I buy organic. I eat veggies everyday! That is something I never thought I would say. I love the group setting and the way computer strangers reach out to help each other. It rocked! Elijah you are amazing and what you are doing with your life and helping others warms my heart.” – Jenny Lee, Grover Beach, CA

“I LOVE the recipes. The FB group is the BEST — the community feel and sharing of experiences through the program is incredible! I just love everything!” – Lisa Skye, Portland, OR

“I feel lighter and more energetic. The brain fog has lifted!” – AJ, New York, NY




What Does it Cost?

The price is $147. No "Early Bird" pricing. No gimmicks. Just $147 for your VIBRANT HEALTH.

Next program will be in the beginning of 2017. Sign up for my  newsletter and be the first to know dates of all my programs (and you'll get a free 4 Day Mini Detox when you do)!



When does it start? 

Next 28 Day Total Food Transformation will be in the beginning of 2017!! Stay tuned...!!!


This is a four-week program of transformation. Yes, you cleanse. Yes you learn about nutrition. Yes you learn about environmental toxins and how they affect your health. Yes, you get tons of delicious recipes as well as shopping lists and informational handouts. Yes you get daily inspiration from me AND from the others in your group. 

But it is so much more. It really is. This program is truly about changing your life and changing your relationship with food. 

Let me tell you what I know to be absolutely TRUE: when you're eating to nourish yourself, you feel better.  You feel GREAT. And as a result, every single aspect of your life is affected positively. Honestly, it can feel miraculous.  

Here is the lowdown:

WEEK 1 we cleanse. It is a whole food cleanse. You get tons of yummy and easy recipes. You will not be hungry. You learn why we need to detox and what’s happening to your body. You learn about plastic and BPA/endocrine disrupting chemicals.

WEEK 2 we begin adding foods back into our diet—we are slowly adding in the top allergens and testing our sensitivity to them. You learn about nutrigenomics and about inflammation in the body and how that affects your health. You learn about the potential toxicity of household cleaners and what to do about them.

WEEK 3 you continue to add foods back into your diet. You get more yummy recipes. You’re really learning how to listen to your body now and getting very connected to what nourishes YOU. You learn about personal care products and what to look our for when purchasing them and why that matters.

WEEK 4 you add the last two allergens back in. You plan a week of “normal” eating. You learn some really cool things about your body’s rhythms and how they affect your hunger and energy. You’re learning how to create balance, and what to make ahead in order to be prepared. You’re including some amazing desserts into your diet this week that are actually sugar free and delicious--and made with whole foods (just say "no" to processed crap)! You are FEELING GREAT and EMPOWERED.

 WRAP UP CALL you learn some fun things about cravings and emotional eating. We talk about weight loss and factors that affect your ability to lose weight such as stress and even sadness.

During the entire program you are connected to your group in a Private Facebook Group that is TRULY PHENOMENAL.  I can’t say enough good things about the camaraderie this engenders and the absolutely love and support that springs from this group. Studies show that when you attempt change WITH someone your odds of success are exponentially improved and I have witnessed this time and again in this program!

I invite you to join me for this very special program. I invite you to LIVE VIBRANTLY. 




I also run this program for private groups on your own preferred timeline.  For groups up to 25 people the cost is $5,200.  For groups up to 50 people the cost is $7,000. If you are interested in a private group or have questions about larger number groups, please contact me at elijah@vibrantlivingsf.com or call me at (415) 723-0386.