We all have a light. I'm here to remind you it is there and to help you set it free.

The world needs you. 


I want you to feel juicy, alive, sexy, powerful, and like you’re living your life powerfully on purpose! I am a Feminist Transformational Coach. I help women who are READY to be the change they want to see in the world so that we can transform old paradigms into something inclusive and healing. The transformation begins with YOU.

The work I do helps women avoid the feelings of aloneness and overwhelm that can happen when you’re passionate about creating change in the world. For over 8 years I have facilitated transformation for women (and men!) through groups, workshops, and private coaching.

The details: I have lots of certificates because I LOVE WHAT I DO and I ADORE STUDYING! Here’s what they are:

·      Institute of Integrative Nutrition, 2011

·      Psychology of Eating Institute, 2011

·      HolisticMBA 2012 - 2014

·      Environmental Toxins education with Lara Adler

·      Master in Transformational Coaching Certification 2014


 Want to know more personal details?

I was born in Southern California and spent my high school years obsessed with live music and being a regular dancer on the television show, American Bandstand. My adventurous spirit led me to travel the globe, from Turkey to Patagonia. Settling for a while in Washington DC, I worked for several years for Senator Dianne Feinstein and later moved to New York City I pursued acting while falling in love with food and wine while working at the Union Square Café under the tutelage of uber-restaurateur, Danny Meyer (he changed my life). That led me to an incredible career in the wine business where I worked my way up to VP of National Sales (so fancy)—a job that required 2 – 3 weeks of travel per month. That job was awesome but also not great for my health…I  was burnt out and unclear of what to do…and that’s when I discovered coaching! I worked for and received my Health Coaching Certificate through Institute of Integrative Nutrition while I was pregnant at the age of 42. I gave birth to my beautiful and healthy son just one month away from turning 43—and promptly quit my job in the wine industry to start coaching!


My amazing son and me goofing around!

My amazing son and me goofing around!