A transformative experience for women to break free from the tyranny of food and heal your relationship with your body.

feel light. be light. bring your light to the world.


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What will you learn, transform and gain mastery of in this prograM?



When we are disconnected from using food simply as nourishment for our bodies and instead are using food to punish, comfort, reward and numb out, we eat more than we need to, we eat food that doesn't make us feel good, we gain weight and are stuck in a cycle of hope and despair. That's why it's important to identify what emotional eating is and uncover the root causes so that you can set yourself FREE. In Pillar One of this program you will understand the emotions and patterns that are driving you to emotional eating and learn powerful techniques to heal this vicious cycle at a core level so that you can finally experience FREEDOM AROUND FOOD. 



Hating our body leads to a profound lack of confidence, low energy, negative moods (which lead to crappy days/nights) and even deep depression. If you’re ready to get off the hater bandwagon and start living confidently, beautifully and in your full power (so that you can ENJOY life, HAVE FUN, get stuff done and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in your life and the lives of those around you) then stopping the hate is an IMPERATIVE. During work together to finally--yes, FINALLY--break free from that obsession around your body and how your body looks. I will take you through the step-by-step process to uncover what your current messaging is to your body (conscious and unconscious) and help you re-write that. We will focus on real ways to FEEL GOOD IN YOUR BODY, not just repeat positive mantras all day. We are going to UNLOCK PLEASURE so that you remember how to feel sexy, sensual and TAKE PLEASURE in your life and in your body!



When we aren't eating well and we feel miserable in our bodies there's simply no way we are being the powerful, awesome, badass women that the world needs! We hide. We say no to invitations. We may have a smile on our face but inside we don't feel confident and there's always that voice telling us that "Once we lose 10 pounds (15 pounds, 20 pounds...whatever our number is...) then we can 1) Got to the meetup group 2) Finally enjoy the beach in the summer 3) Ask our boss for a raise 4) apply for that job we really want 5) Finally buy some new clothes...and the list goes on. There's all sorts of ways that we DEPRIVE ourselves and HOLD OURSELVES BACK when we think we are not good enough. And it is TRAGIC. THE WORLD NEEDS YOU. I am going to connect you to your light--that inner place in you that is a powerhouse of love, light and creativity. It is leadership, ideas, connection and devotion. When we connect to our light, it SHINES and when we shine, the world is a better place. It is simple yet infinitely powerful. YOU ARE BEING CALLED. I invite you to answer the call and start living the LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS because that life will MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE. And guess what? You will wake up happy, excited and joyful with a clear and strong SENSE OF PURPOSE. This is beyond what you have imagined. This is powerfully aligned living that truly makes a difference. It doesn't matter if you're a stay-at-home-mom, an employee at the DMV, the CEO of a company, the Director of a nonprofit or anything in between--YOUR LIGHT MAKES A DIFFERENCE. I will help you uncover what that is so that you can start SHINING BRIGHTLY. 


I designed this program to recalibrate how you see yourself so you can get out of your own way and truly shine some BRIGHT LIGHT onto the people you come across each day. I can't tell you where that will lead exactly...but I can say FOR SURE that when we make a difference in the lives of others, we change the world. Sometimes those are huge acts that touch millions. Sometimes it is something no one else will ever know about. But you'll know. And every time you make a difference your light will shine brighter



We need each other!! This is a GROUP PROGRAM because women really thrive with the support of other women. We are wired for COMMUNITY. We crave it. We seek it out, even if we are shy introverts! We need our sisters.

What the BeLight Program Includes:

One (1) 60 Minute Transformation Activation Call. This initial deep-dive coaching session is designed to set you up for optimal success. We’ll take inventory of the emotional blocks that  coming up against and begin the deep inner work to start loosening the threads around them as well so that we can start our work from a place of powerful clarity and focus. (Value: $250)

Two (2), 60 minute Private Phone Coaching Sessions. During these customized private coaching sessions, you and I will map out a clear structured plan to set yourself free from emotional eating and create new and powerful practices in your life so that you can step into your LIGHT. We’ll design the sessions to your specific needs and unleash any fears that may be blocking your flow so that you can move forward with clarity and alignment. (Value: $500)

Six (6) Group Training & Mastermind Video Coaching Calls  These are monthly 90-minute group video training calls that we hold on the Zoom video conferencing platform, where we go in depth on advanced business and leadership building topics and have time for Q&A and masterminding as well.  Calls are recorded for your convenience. (Value $1080)

Three (3) Guest Leader Calls Each month you’ll get to connect with incredible guest lecturers who are experts in the field of food, body image and getting clear on what your unique purpose is. These 60 minute coaching calls will be a combination of potent information and time for Q&A. (Value $900)

Three (3) Sister Circle Calls Once a month you’ll be paired up with a small group of 3 to 4 of your BeLIGHT sisters to create additional support, further expand the connections, celebrate breakthroughs, turn challenges into possibilities and gain insight for new avenues for growth. (Value $300)

One (1) Transformative Group Retreat During our  in person group retreats, you will release fear and doubt, and step deeper into your power as women. You will break through the barriers of fear and connect with the beautiful, powerful and inspiring women in your group. The bond that is created through in person connection is truly transformative. This retreat is specifically scheduled as we move into Pillar Two--the Body Pillar. During this time we will throw off the shackles of body hating and embody a new paradigm and way of being in the world. You will feel free in a way you never thought possible. We’ll connect, dance, play, laugh, cry, relax, rest, and rejuvenate. This retreat will be transformational and set you up to truly step powerfully into your LIGHT. (Value: $2500)

BeLIGHT Online Forum  This is a safe and sacred space for us to gather and give and receive SUPPORT, accountability and cheerleading to each other. For anyone that has worked with me before, you know this is a magical space. For those of you new to working with me, this private Facebook group is truly a place where relationships are forged and lifetime friendships are made. It is also a place where you can find me giving you coaching day to day in between our calls together. (Value: priceless)


This Life-Changing Experience is for you if…

You’re READY to move forward as a confident and badass woman so that you can live a life free from the tyranny of food and body while changing the world for the better. It’s for you if you’re ready to finally  live the life you’ve envisioned for yourself, with more ease, pleasure and flow. It’s for you if you’re ready to finally feel lightness and joy every day as you look in the mirror and head out into your day. It's for you if you know you are WORTH MORE and are ready to do what you can to bring LIGHT into the world. And this adventure IS for you if you want to feel FREEDOM, harmony and full self-expression in your extraordinary life!

Email me at elijah at vibrantlivingsf dot com if you're curious to learn more. 

This party is going to get started in 2018!