I Want to Get Better

This is short and sweet. I've been feeling a little bit low lately. It happens to the best of us. The difference at this point in my life is that I really know how to take care of myself when I'm feeling this way, so that's such a good thing. I also know it will pass. A lot of times when I'm feeling down, not inspired, not seeing the rainbow at the end of the tunnel (or whatever that expression is), I can tell I'm just showing up daily but that there's a whole part of me "waiting it out." You know...sometimes there's really nothing to do but wait.

I think we spend a lot of our lives trying to force stuff. Especially nowadays. We try and force our bodies into a specific shape, we try and force our lives to look a certain way, have our careers be a specific thing, earn a specific amount of money...but I really think we have forgotten how to just SIT BACK AND WAIT. Waiting and observing can have it's own sort of deliciousness. And it's such a relief not to have to PUSH!

So on that note, I'm sharing a song that perks me up! Do you know this song? I especially appreciate that Donna from Parks and Rec is in the video (picture below). Okay--it isn't actually Donna! It's Retta, who plays Donna. I love them both :)


Hope you have an AWESOME week!

And if things aren't awesome...wait them out. Things will get better.