An in-person workshop for those who are ready to BREAK FREE from the burden of "what to eat" and "how to look" so that they can stand tall and show up powerfully in their lives--and change the world in the process.


This mini-retreat is all about looking at food differently, looking at your body differently and living your life in a stronger way that leaves you feeling energized AND EXCITED INSTEAD OF DEPRESSED AND DEPLETED.


Come and find your TRIBE and delve into these THREE CORE ELEMENTS so that we can get into deeper alignment with our power and mission in life:

FOOD: Food is the foundation of not only our health, but how we move through the world. What we eat and how we eat deeply affects how we feel. And when we feel good, we simply are BETTER. Our entire day is affected by how we feel. It's the difference between BRINGING IT and bringing everyone down. But this isn't about "being perfect". And it's not about beating ourselves up if we eat a cupcake. No shame allowed. In fact, it's that perfection/shame cycle that has you caught up on a treadmill of obsession around "what to eat." I am going to help you shift your paradigm around food and get you off that treadmill!

Oh. And while we're on the topic--we will all eat a NOURISHING meal together :)

BODY: Oh yeah. All of us know we are supposed to "love our body the way it is" but all of us have rolled our eyes at the concept at some point. Because really--at every turn we are told we don't add up. We don't look the right way. And (we are told) the reason our lives aren't better is because we need to lose ten pounds. So honestly, HOW in the world do we love ourselves the way we are?!! The truth is, it takes work. We have decades of UNDOING some pretty heavy bullsh*t.  But there is a way. We are going to get EMBODIED and I will lay out the path for you to truly have a LOVING relationship with your body. Why is this important? Because it will SET YOU FREE. All that energy, worry and anxiety you have about your body? When that is freed up, the impossible becomes positively doable in your life.

LIFE:  This is the point, really. We all know we have "just one life to life" but for so many of us we are waiting...waiting for certain things to fall into place before we do that THING that we dream about. And here's the thing:

I believe UNEQUIVOCALLY  that YOU  have the power to change the world. 

We will do some awesome exercises to help you get clarity around your desires for yourself in this life. And your desires are the key to your gifts. And your gifts are NEEDED. I'm going to call you out to stop playing small and finally SHINE YOUR LIGHT. First you need to get clear and then you need the support of your tribe to get you there. This evening is the first step.

BONUS: COMMUNITY! It is time to finally put the myth that we need to "do it all alone" out of its misery. NOPE. We are social creatures (even us introverts!) and having a community with us as we get clear around food, body and LIFE is KEY to our success!

So come meet me on Tuesday, June 27th at 4pm. We will CONNECT and TRANSFORM and NOURISH. 

Included in the event:

  • Guidance and transformational exercises on food, body and life!
  • A little gift bag...something special for you!
  • A nourishing meal to wrap up the evening where we can talk, laugh and connect...and FEEL GREAT!
  • Connecting with your tribe (priceless!)

Cost: $97


email me at elijah at vibrantlivingsf dot com if you are interested. 


Tuesday, June 27th

4pm - 9pm


26 Broadway, New York, NY 10004