Shine Your Light


So many women dream of having more in their lives. They know their soul has a deeper calling. They know they are here to make a bigger difference in the world. They can catch a glimpse of a life where they’re excited, fulfilled, moving through challenges with grace, because their desires and actions are in alignment.

But more often than not, fear gets in the way and they end up talking themselves out of it.  They end up waiting.

  •             Waiting for the kids to grow a little older
  •             Waiting to lose that extra weight
  •             Waiting until she doesn’t feel so tired anymore
  •             Waiting until she has just one more credential
  •             Waiting until things at home feel more settled...and the list goes on.

And I get it. I get it because I've been there, too.

I've heard so many women say, "I can't do it."  But the truth is, we CAN do it. We just can't do it ALONE.

Are you ready to feel the fear and do it anyway? Are you ready to wake up and feel excited every day because you are finally living your life on PURPOSE? Are you ready to GET CLEAR on who you are and what you have to bring to the world?

Good. Because I'm going to get you there.

This is where the transformation happens.

Working privately with me means you:

  • Get deep clarity around what you want and how to get there
  • Finally understand what you are here to bring to the world
  • Dig deep to uncover the hidden fears, beliefs, and blocks that are holding you back
  • Design a blueprint to create tangible results as you start turning your dreams into reality
  • Are held safely, as you do both the inner and outer work to bring your vision to the world

Let's unlock all the possibility within you and set it free. The world is waiting.

I cannot wait to get on the phone with you and hear more about what you're dreaming of. Let's talk and uncover what's possible.


Email me at elijah at vibrantlivingsf dot com and let's get on the phone!