I am proud, honored and humbled to share with you some of the really wonderful things people have to say about working with me...I hope they inspire you to work with me, too! I want all the world to feel this good.



“Elijah is a powerhouse for feminine conviction. It’s palpable from the first moment in her presence to feel how deeply she desires for woman to own their innate feminine power, whether as a business woman, as a mom, or simply as a conscious woman in this world. She has the ability to cut right to the core of the larger picture of what’s really happening as well as to zoom in on deeper issues, and in every conversation with her, I’ve walked away feeling more clear about who I am, the vision I hold for my life and where I’m off track, and inspired to be more of an empowered woman living her dreams. If you have the opportunity to be coached by her or join one of her woman’s circle, don’t pass it up!” - Dara Marin, Chef, Health Transformer, Chocolate Aficionado


"Elijah is a magical coach.  She has a way of putting me at such ease, that I forget we are doing deep work, and instead I feel like I’m on an important and unforgettable journey with a dear friend who stretches me.  She is compassionate and quick to connect to the heart of what wants to be heard and won’t let it hide.  Before working with her, I thought getting coached would be uncomfortable and hard.  It can be, but Elijah makes it so beautiful with her wisdom, humor, total presence and her genuine curiosity.  She holds me to the bigger vision I hold for myself and beautifully articulates where she sees my old patterns getting in the way.  I so appreciate her authenticity and marvel at how far I’ve come with her loving and dedicated support." - Kari Morin, Portland, OR


"Before I started my work with Elijah I was completely unaware of the deeper issues I was having around food and my body. Elijah worked every week to meet me exactly where I was. She provided exercises that opened up deeper insight into my feelings and thoughts. During our time together I wasn't as aware of the changes and shifts that were taking place, it was only afterwards that I realized what she opened up for me. I️ recommend Elijah if you want to go deeper and not only address your issues around food and body image, but also the underlying problems. We all know it’s never really about the food. She allows you to make behavioral changes with the eating and then tackles the real issues. Do yourself and this one beautiful life of yours a favor, and reach out to Elijah if you’re struggling with food and weight. She will be everything you need and more." - Lindsay, San Francisco