I hope you find this eBook about environmental toxins helpful and supportive of your best ever life.

I strive to do all I can to support you in LIVING VIBRANTLY. That means eating the food that truly nourishes YOU and your UNIQUE BODY. 

Living Vibrantly also means taking good care of the people around us and the world at large. It means we make a difference during our lifetime because we have the clarity, energy and ability to do so! Eating right makes all the difference. It is the foundation of everything we do and everything we create.

We talk all the time about putting clean, healthy food into our bodies but we often don't think at all about the other toxins we come into contact with. This eBook will help you begin to understand what you're surrounding yourself with in terms of environmental toxins in our homes.

I go into more depth on these topics in my 28 Day Total Food Transformation program. If you haven't already joined me in this truly powerful ride, I hope you consider signing up for the January run! Until then, enjoy your eBook and have a love-filled holiday season.