Food is never about the food. 

Food is emotions. Food is ritual. Food is family and friends. Food is memory, comfort, energy, nourishment and survival. Food is powerful.

When we use food to "medicate"...meaning we eat to feel better (which usually means eating more than we need and eating the kinds of foods that don't truly support us) we tend to gain unwanted weight, feel pretty crappy and live in a cycle of shame/guilt/hope/more shame...

I'm an emotional eater and I have spend my adult life healing around food--and hating my body.

Listen to me-you are BEAUTIFUL. You are MAGICAL. You are VALUABLE. And most of all,


Let's break the cycle of the food madness and body hating. Oh girl, when you do that SO MUCH ENERGY IS FREED UP! Seriously. And when that happens you are able to SHOW UP POWERFULLY in your life. And when that happens--YOU CHANGE THE WORLD. 

For reals. You got this--you're a super hero. Trust me, I know. I may not have met you personally but I've met hundreds of women just like you. I know your pain and I am going to create the container so that you can set yourself FREE.


Transformational Group Program to help women break free from the tyranny of food, truly love their bodies and go out and kick ass in the world.

Break Free and Shine Your Light

Private Coaching to break free of what's holding you back and start living powerfully.